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IYA is an award-winning fine dinning restaurant that pays homage to Cameroon’s rich & diverse gastronomy and cultural heritage. We serve a seasonal menu with a focus on local produce, high quality ingredients and Cameroonian flavours. Our chefs – led by chef Janvier Kouenou (trained by gourmet chef Dieuveil Malonga ) – put a forward thinking-spin on traditional dishes whose guarded recipes have been entrusted to us by the revered IYAs – mothers – of our community, resulting in dishes that are both modern and comforting.
IYA equally establishes itself as a vibrant creative and cultural hub; showcasing, connecting and celebrating thought-provoking art emerging from the region, by this and the next generation of Africans.


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Drawing inspiration from the rich Cameroonian gastronomic heritage, our chefs spent time learning the safe-keeping traditional recipes – imparted to us by the IYAs of respective communities – to create a menu that is truly unique to the Cameroonian – and African – dining scene. Always using ingredients that are local, in-season and at the peak of flavour, our chefs put a healthful and distinctive spin on classic Cameroonian dishes.

We love great food, lots of different food, just like you.

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We assure an intimate and relaxed fine dining experience that offers a tailored savoir-faire to local and foreign clientèle alike. Courtesy of our dapper bartenders, you can as well enjoy carefully crafted cocktails brought together by our charming hosts.

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