Best Restaurant in Central Africa

Best Restaurant in Central Africa

How we became ‘Best Restaurant 2017 in Africa and the Middle East’

«All Luxury Travel Guide Award programs represent the pinnacle of achievement, championing the best in their respective fields, therefore to come out as a clear winner is an achievement to be proud of.»

We share this award, like all the others, with our guests and our growing family.

We take pride in doing ‘great’. Not because of recognition, but because it’s the right thing to do and we owe that to our guests. I’m sure you would agree.”

We built IYA to share the legacy that our mothers – our IYAs – bequeathed us. Which is why we pull both ends all the way: gastronomic innovation plunged in an abundant archive of exquisite local recipes; as well as the nurturing component extracted from the well of love we’ve come to know and admire in our mothers.

This ‘nurturing’ component is why we invest in Customer Care the way we do. It’s also why every single guest who comes through our homestead is treated in the same respectful, caring and…of course…nurturing light.

IYA – Food & Culture

“We share this award, like all the others, with our guests and our growing IYA family.

As children, we’d band together and play – the neighbourhood was home to us all. It didn’t matter who one’s father or mother was. When a mother called a child to lunch, she knew he’d come along with his playmates. We’d devour from the same pot (and because there’s always a slow one, he’d have to wash the pot as per the unwritten rule).

We’ve kept this principle and applied it to all our guests, and this award stands as a symbol that we’ve not failed our IYAs and we’ve not failed you- our guests.

We’re now the Best restaurant in Africa and the Middle East, on the same level as World Class Restaurants.

Does this mean we’re World Class?

The best way to find out is to visit us. Like the Luxury Travel Guide team did. You don’t need to tell us who you are. You don’t need to tell us why you’re here: because every guest is appreciated and valued as every mother her child would.

We’ve only come this far because we’ve never been alone on our journey. This award goes to all our guests.

Come-by sometime, let’s celebrate. Yeah?

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