We heard all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, USA that IYA restaurant was the best restaurant in Buea. We were not disappointed. Though our team of 8 had an active schedule, we managed to find IYA the rare restaurant that was open late. Though they were only minutes from closing, they gave us the same lavish attention and care as their first guest of the day. They kindly and carefully explained their unique dishes to us and prepared them so wonderfully. Everything about the visit was a delight! Don’t miss the experience!
— John VandenOever, Atlanta Vikings
Such an incredible meal and experience. Friendly staff and phenomenal food and drink. Highly recommend!
— Ryan Lyon
IYA restaurant is the best restaurant in Cameroon to me. Great service, amazing food and as for the view......breathtaking. A must stop for everyone.
— Monique Ntumngia
J’ai tout apprécié autant le cadre que la cuisine avec un panorama magnifique sur Buea et la vallée en contrebas !
— Laetitia Arnopoulos
I had the chance to visit IYA ... and I must say that it is more than a restaurant it is a culinary experience...The food is delicious cocktails are great ,waiters are caring ....You will feel like home...I discover another way to eat Cameroonian dishes....For me it is one of the best restaurant in Cameroon
— Ingrid T
Iya is stylish, modern, African and professional in every way. A beautiful location with a view of Mount Cameroon; exquisite custom-built furniture and decor; delicious food; excellent service. I hosted a lunch for some of Buea’s top software developers and it was the perfect choice. Relaxed and flexible. Manager Flobert was à l’écoute and reactive. Highly recommended.
— Doppler9